Eunice So   

was born in Seoul, Korea where she initially trained in watercolor. She developed an inclination for oil as she studied painting in the United States.

So's work has gone through various stages from still life to fantasy to figurative, and has arrived at the abstract. She embraces the shifts towards new media and technology, but claims the fundamental arts as the root and catalyst for her work. Her childhood imaginings, travels, and experiences in symbiosis with discovery in architecture become the sources of her work. 

Her work, seeking a new mode of interpretation for the subject, is meant to deliver specific dimension and speed of the narrative. The multiple panels are often series of moving sequences or captured moments of stasis. The dilemmas amongst the natural, mannered, and constructed strokes compose tension and harmony of the intentional and accidental viscosity explored.

She is an artist and architect working in Los Angeles California.




Education:      BA Practice of  Art,   BA Architecture  UC Berkeley        MArch  Harvard University